Jul 13 -


This is a braver man than I am (and I don’t mean that pejoratively).  I’ve also been talked out of, and allowed myself to be talked out of, similarly bold fabrics.  Sometimes you have to just go for it.



On their last trip to Hong Kong, an amazing piece of Shetland caught my eye. I have always had a thing for blanket checks, and have let myself be talked out of ordering them in the past, the explanations always being my heavy build and the unsuitability of large scale checks for me.

With the Shetland, Antonio gave me the usual warnings against such patterns on me, but I persisted and insisted that this was what I wanted to order. Fitting the jacket when in Florence a few weeks ago, I felt absolutely confident in the choice. The finished garment arrived a few days back, and it is better than I could have hoped.

Listen to those you respect, keep their advice in mind, and treat it for the lesson it is. But at the end of the day, you must follow your own council, order the garments that strike you, and enjoy the process. They are only clothes after all, you should enjoy them.


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